A web3 production studio developing NFTs, storytelling, gaming, community and real-world value.
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From Dreamtime to Disney, storytelling has the power to influence our collective understanding and perception of the world. It has the power to entertain, educate, and change lives.
At Novel, we believe storytelling can create worlds for our imaginations to explore. Blockchain technology allows us to make those worlds a little more real, shareable, and a lot more valuable.
As a web3 production studio, we develop the most attractive stories, spaces, and services for a new generation of owners to create from. In games, as characters, on the screen, with brands, and much much more.
We see NFTs as the next generation of digital identity and the stories we create around them as the strongest vehicle for amplifying them.
We equip collectors with the means to create with their IP.
Novel Labs are a band of storytellers, technologists, artists, decentralists, digital sculptors, and the curiously minded. We all share a professional fascination with exploring and pushing the frontiers of art and storytelling in web3 and we welcome those that share our passion.
"Those who tell the stories rule the world"
Strength in difference, insight in inclusion, equity in decentralisation
In everything we do, for this space, and a better world.
Ignore the conditions and together we control the course.
Constantly challenge, push, and create.
When the intention is clear, so is the way.
What you’ll learn:
You’ll be on the bleeding edge of Web3!
A once in a generation chance to explore a new business model on the path to decentralisation - what more exciting time to engage in a nascent industry. Value creation is a big driver here, and the opportunity to own part of what you build.
Who you will work with:
Our amazing team of Web3 fanatics and some of the most exciting  partners in this space!
You’ll be at the forefront of defining the industry alongside some of the most prominent leading minds and figures in web3.

With that, we’re a creative lighthouse. You’ll be working with the world’s S-tier talent in gaming brands, animation studios, and major fashion brands.
How we work:
We’re intentional, remote-first and remove siloes. We move flexibly, autonomously and at-speed
With new ways of building business, comes new ways of working: (Office hours Mon-Fri 9-5 are a hang-over from the industrial revolution and ‘Owner vs Worker’ mentality. This is the true digital revolution!) We are a truly decentralised and distributed team, and the way we choose to operate embraces that so that we are asynchronous, inclusive, flexible and outcome-focussed.

You have autonomy in what you do and the ability to make a real impact. We believe in the ethos of ‘hire smarter than you’ and letting those people loose to do what they do best!
How we behave:
We are a people-first team with a real focus on supporting one another - we were made in the storm!
Our operating values centre around being quality-driven, level-headed in a fast-paced environment and behaving compliantly.

The sum of our parts is greater than that of the whole and it is ESSENTIAL that we have each others’ backs and pull together as a team.

We want to be on the right side of history (it can be a bit ‘Wild Westy’ out there!) We’re investing in our future as ‘good actors in this space’ and are layering in CSR (corporate social responsibility) as part of our infrastructure. We see compliance as a competitive advantage.
How we socialise:
International team off-sites, travel, local meet-ups.If you’re part of Novel, you’ve community everywhere.
- A bank vault in New York
- A yacht in Miami
- A speakeasy in London
- A forest retreat in Frankfurt
- You’ll have access to exclusive blockchain events around the world.

The friendliest community to hang out in when you’ve finished being a keyboard warrior for the day
How we look after you:
Burn-out in this industry is rife and we don’t want to be a contributing factor. Health is wealth!
People aren’t happy or effective when they are tired, stressed and over-worked. We encourage you to take at least one week off in each quarter plus public holidays and take time to spend doing things that are important to you with the people who matter.

(We’d prefer not to count up ‘holiday days taken’ as we’re really focussed on the work being done rather than when you do it!)

Weekly 1:1 check-ins from line managers and colleagues and continuous support. Incentivised and rewarded for impact and contribution.
Show us your PFP and share your story via the Workable application link. That can be your on-line profile, standard CV, or your version of your life story in shareable format
Story swap: Our People person will reach out and arrange an intro call, so that you can swap stories. Then if it’s a mutual fit, we’ll arrange for you to meet with more of the team
Meet with the hiring manager and deep-dive the role to learn more about our needs and the opportunities and challenges. Your turn to deep-dive on your strengths and weaknesses to see if there is a good match in terms of technical skills and experience, soft skills, overall approach to problem-solving, communication and team-work.
Meet with our founder that you get an overall understanding of the bigger picture - the vision, the mission and our culture.
Anywhere you have a stable internet connection. Seriously though, our team are beautifully diverse and scattered across the globe but we have  an IRL Mutant HQ in London. We view the world through a diverse lens, we are all citizens of the world!
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Diversity, Equality, Fairness and Inclusion Statement
At Novel we embrace the unique qualities that make each of us who we are. As a Web3, people-first, remote company, we're driven by a passion to create a diverse, inclusive, and equal workplace where everyone feels welcome and valued.
We celebrate our differences, knowing that our varied backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives make us stronger and more innovative. We're dedicated to ensuring that every team member has equal opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute to our mission.
Our commitment to diversity, inclusion, and equality means:
We actively work to recruit and retain a diverse team, reflecting the rich tapestry of our global community.
We foster an environment where everyone feels they belong and can express themselves openly, without fear of judgement or discrimination.
We're mindful of the unique needs of our remote team members and strive to make our virtual workplace accessible and comfortable for everyone.
We're all in this journey together, continuously learning and growing. We provide resources and training to help our team understand and challenge biases and promote inclusive behaviors.
We encourage open communication, valuing the input and ideas of all team members, knowing that diverse perspectives lead to better solutions.
We hold ourselves accountable for promoting diversity, inclusion, and equality, continually evaluating our progress and making improvements.
We are committed to treating all customers/members fairly and equally regardless of their status or relationship with the organisation.
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