In this exciting episode of The Mutant Cartel Podcast, we explore the highly anticipated game, Serum City, with the brilliant minds behind Faraway, a groundbreaking web3 gaming company. During the interview, we dive into how Faraway is pushing the boundaries of web3 gaming by emphasizing interoperability. Discover how players can seamlessly transfer in-game assets across multiple blockchain ecosystems, opening up a world of possibilities.  Crafting enthusiasts won't want to miss this episode, as we delve into the intricate crafting system within Serum City. Learn how players can combine resources to create unique items, adding depth and personalization to their gaming experience.  We also discuss the enticing season rewards that await players, offering incentives for skill and dedication. Find out what exclusive prizes and bonuses players can earn as they progress through the game's initial seasons.  We also focus on Faraway's commitment to expanding their community's IP rights. They share their innovative approach to allowing players to contribute to the game's lore and world-building, making Serum City a truly collaborative and immersive experience.