A collector of ancient curiosities sought out the Jar to use in Fusion, claiming he had been compelled to do so for reasons he could not explain. The ritual began as intended until a dominant presence forced its way into the ritual, with power not of this world, and consumed its course. It spoke in an unknown tongue before vanishing. Those present later decoded the words spoken, which translated simply as - I am Awakened. 


Scattered across black markets, museums, and dusty attics - Canopic Jars are more than a collector’s piece. There is a magnetism that draws people to them, as if they wish to be found.

Rumoured to possess the ancient spirits of Apes that bartered unsuccessfully with the ancient Mega known as Anubis - they now serve him between the planes. Collected across many centuries and foreign lands, The Awakened earn their name from their deep desire to rejoin the world of the living and escape their purgatory. 

They have unique customs, histories and motives, but all 328 of them share the memory of their former indenture and their newfound freedom. Go cautiously around them, their reasons for being in Serum City are often older than the City itself and certain powers travelled with them when they crossed planes.


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