After Berserkers began to appear, the many factions of Serum City began investigating and speculating. There is little confirmation of the true forces behind an Unbreakable Bond, but theories range from Nature's response to divine influence.

These connections only occur with three willing souls. Unbreakable Bonds can not be simulated in any forced ritual born from ill intent. This Fusion most often occurs in moments of necessity. A dying mutant, an insurmountable danger. Hounds and Ape unite to surpass the challenge in front of them and become a stronger whole than their three individual selves.


Due to the nature of Unbreakable Bonds, Berserkers are the most stable Fused Hounds. They have a strong sense of ethics, courage, and understanding with their Hound counterparts. Many Berserkers live in clans with their peers who share these familial values. They are hierarchical, with the more experienced and wise governing and the younger generation supporting their wider community.

Berserkers are a common sight throughout Serum City society and find it the easiest to integrate. They are most often found In positions of community support where they help others, such as firefighters or cavern rescue crews, or in high-ranking positions where they can lead and mediate. 

In battle, they are formidable foes. They have a deep connection with their inner souls and can comfortably call on the advantages of their forms. Their Hound traits elevate their ability to hunt, track, and push their physical limits yet they easily maintain their Apemanity and remain level-headed in even the most intense situations. Every action has a purpose. Thanks to this, they are often found as commanders on the battlefield.

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