Mechanical Rebirth - Hacked DNA & Dark Serum

Bodies vanishing from the morgues of Serum City. Mutants in the slums and treatment centres going missing. Those in the darker depths of the underbelly incentivise the procurement of the living over the dead. The name of the one responsible is muttered quietly, if at all. The Technologist.  

The gruesome ritual of Mechanical Rebirth was engineered by the Technologist, a shadowy figure funded by Darkfang. Hacked DNA stolen from Caleb Lockjaw and the alchemy of Dark Serum are the key Materials. Mutants and Hounds are torn apart in a conscious state, before being crudely reassembled with metal mesh and powerful augments. They shouldn’t survive, and many don’t, yet the Dark Serum pumping through their veins keeps death artificially at bay.


Merciless fusions of metal and flesh - Ironbounds are closer to machine than either Ape or Hound. So traumatised by the conscious process of Fusion, the Ironbound bury their memories, feelings and much of their apemanity beyond the Technologist’s reach. Their former identities and lives are alien to them, and yet, buried deep is a growing desire for many to retrieve what was lost. It is not uncommon for fragments of memories to bubble to the surface and renew a search for answers.

In everyday life they are used like machines. You’ll often find Ironbounds in the many assembly lines and heavy labour of Serum City. Lifting and moving heavy materials, demolishing buildings, carving out mining tunnels, handling hazardous materials, or “intimidating” the competition. Those not in the employment of some racket typically act as mercenaries working for the largest wallet. 

In combat they are the perfect soldier. Impregnable instruments of war that feel no pain or remorse. Equipped with heavy weaponry supported by their mechanical augmentations, these beasts have enough firepower to level city blocks if they stand in the way. If one sets its sight on you, you’ll be lucky to survive.

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