All avenues to cure Serum Sickness had been exhausted. That was until a chance discovery by Caleb Lockjaw revealed an immunity present in Mutant Hounds. 

Driven by the deteriorating condition of his wife, Caleb was consumed with finding a cure and began recklessly self-administering tests. It resulted in the first Fusion - an unbridled abomination born from desperation. Rejected by his wife, Caleb sought exile and continued to work on a cure.

Weary and embittered by his own Fusion, Caleb vowed to prevent anyone from undergoing the same fate. His biochemical experiments are by his own admission, too undeveloped and unsafe for mainstream use. However, an unexplainable rise in Serum Sickness forced Blaksoot to beseech Caleb to accelerate plans to combat the contagion.

Biochemical Augmentation is a last resort for those too far pronounced in the stages of Serum Sickness. Hounds participate willingly to save their Mutants from a gruesome fate.


Though large and intimidating, Biochemical Augmentations focus on preserving the mind and Apemanity of Mutants. Juggernauts are, as a result, the most intelligent of the breeds. However, as cautioned by Caleb, the accelerated introduction of this Fusion resulted in a design flaw - a consistent intake of Serum is necessary to maintain the mental agility and biochemical augmentations present in Juggernauts. 

Juggernauts are often found in the laboratories and science facilities that populate the City and beyond in Topside. Many of the pioneering technical advancements and exports of the land are thanks to their help. Lockjaw and a dedicated team of Juggernauts continue to pursue a safer and more accessible cure, and a way to combat their Serumlust.

In war, Juggernauts primarily work behind the scenes to supply bleeding-edge weaponry and technology and also lend their brilliance to military strategy. Some purposefully limit their Serum intake to invite battle fury - in this state these hulking beasts truly live up to their names. 

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