Dark Ritual: Dark Serum & Bottled Soul

Dark Rituals are a distortion of Caleb’s original intention to find a cure. A corruption of his research by those in pursuit of power that involves the harvesting of the souls of Hounds.

Behind the gated compounds of the rich, the lawless underbelly of Serum City, and the minds of the ambitious, a black market in trafficking Hounds has developed to fuel these rituals. They are frequently used as a rite of passage into Darkfang’s most loyal circle and in unholy deals with unknown powers. Reapers Fuse from the matrimony of three souls in conflict and enter this world as fractured identities that battle internally for control.


Though they retain their memories, the cruelty of their fusion changes them. Many turn to an isolated life while they battle for control or find a way to reconcile with the souls within. This internal battle for dominance results in Reapers carrying the varied characteristics of their three souls. Personalities fracture and shift and their Hound-like senses and abilities are enhanced. Thanks to their lithe form, Reapers are the quickest and most agile of the Fused Hounds. 

Reapers are not often seen in Serum City except as flashes of shadows down dark alleyways. Some Reapers spend their time in the many twisting tunnels of the underground honing their abilities tracking and hunting the powerful beasts found there. Others live more simple, solitary lives, working night shifts and keeping to themselves. Small communities form in abandoned train stops, the shells of buildings, and secluded caverns. Those who know where to look can hire these mercenary bands to help them find, or silence, Mutants. Others live higher in the food chain. Cloaked politicians and powerful figures that pull strings.

Reapers are deadly combatants, especially when encountered one on one. More often than not the only time you’ll see one is in the moments leading to your demise. They stay away from the front lines, instead acting as trackers, infiltrators, or assassins. Those with a more tactical mind find themselves as the chess players that move the pawns. Strategists shaping and directing the battlefield as they see fit. 

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