When inscribing an Ordinal you can include a “Parent” sat to show the relationship between different tokens. It’s used to create a collection Parent and easily identify the sat IDs that belong to a collection. These on-chain relationships can be as complex or simple as you choose. 

Additionally, the sats you inscribe Ordinals on carry their own rarity and traits. This article will walk through the genealogy of the MH//Inscriptions collection and the decision behind each sat we chose. 



This Ordinal acts as our company sat. Think of this as an on-chain mechanism to certify Novel Labs as the collection owner. The MH//I and any future Ordinal collections will live under its umbrella as children to this Ordinal. 

SAT #1882728125000000

This sat was mined 2021-09-27. This corresponds with the date the Cartel Discord opened its doors beyond the founders.


This Ordinal acts as the parent to the MH//I collection. All Inscriptions are children to this sat. 

SAT #1923328124999999

This black uncommon sat was mined December 14th 2022, the day of the Mutant Hound Collar mint.



These beings are inscribed together, completely filling block 836667. Each is inscribed on a rare sat befitting their status. 

The First

Sat #119080000000000

Inscribed on an Uncommon Alpha sat. The first sat of a bitcoin and block.

The Infinite

Sat #28969822896982

Inscribed on a Perfect Palinception Sat. Palindromes within palindromes, it encompasses infinity. 

The Last

Sat #53874999999999

Inscribed on a Black Uncommon Sat. The last sat of a bitcoin and block.


All Megas will be inscribed on Uncommon sats. The first sat of a Bitcoin.


All Legendaries will be inscribed on Black Uncommon sats. The last sat of a Bitcoin.


All other Hounds will be inscribed on common Block 9 sats. The oldest sats in circulation.