The MH//I mint has arrived. Read on to learn more about the process and what to expect. 


Each Mutant Hounds: Inscription will cost .008 BTC. Hounds, VIPs, and Preferred receive a .002 BTC discount for a price of .006 BTC. This price only applies while the relevant Tiers are live. For example, if you own a VIP asset and wait to mint in the Runestone Tier, you will miss out on the discount price and pay .008 BTC. Additionally, all phases will include a .0005 BTC inscription fee. 


8500 MH//I are assigned to the mint.  A reserve of 1000 MH//I will be gifted to the community to empower our builders, allies, and various product lines. In the absence of royalties, a reserve of 500 MH//I will be held by Novel Labs.




8 AM ET / .006 BTC

Hounds will have the opportunity to mint their MH//I Twin before any other Tier. Here, you will need the Hounds you wish to mint in the ETH wallet you connect. This will require a gasless signature to verify ownership of the wallet.

After connecting, you will select the Hounds you wish to mint, connect your BTC wallet for payment, provide the Ordinal wallet that will receive your Inscription(s), and complete a BTC transaction to pa for your MH//I.

This Tier will open at 8 AM ET and remain open for 8 hours. So long as you don’t miss this window, all holders of ETH Hounds are guaranteed to mint their MH//I Twin(s).


4:30 PM ET / .006 BTC

After the Hound Tier has closed - and a brief intermission to prepare - the VIP Tier will open. Mints in the VIP Tier are first come first served and therefore NOT guaranteed, so it’s recommended that you arrive early for the mint. 

This window will open at 4.30 PM ET. Each Tier from VIP on will remain open alongside each successive Tier. 
The total amount of MH//Inscriptions available for mint in this Tier and beyond will be 8,500 minus the total minted in the Hound Tier - i.e. if 2,500 Hound Twins are minted in the Hound Tier, 6,000 random MH//I mints will be available for the VIP, Preferred, Runestone, and Public Tiers.
To mint during this Tier, you will connect your ETH and/or BTC wallet holding your eligible VIP Tier assets. Holdings will then be verified and you will be given access to mint up to your maximum. 

You may mint more or less than you registered or verified to mint so long as you have adequate funds and maximums to do so. 


6:30 PM ET / .006 BTC

Should there be available MH//Inscriptions following the VIP Tier window, all preferred wallets will be able to mint a maximum of 3 MH//I following the same steps as the VIP.

This window will open at 6:30 PM ET.


8:30 PM ET / .008 BTC

Should there be available MH//Inscriptions following the Preferred Tier, all Runestone holders will have the chance to mint a maximum of 2 MH//I ahead of the Public Tier. 

This window will open at 8:30 PM ET.


10:30 PM ET / .008 BTC

Should there be available MH//Inscriptions following the Runestones Tier, any BTC wallet will be eligible to mint a maximum of 2 MH//I following the same steps as prior Tiers.

This window will open at 10:30 PM ET and remain open for 24 hours. Any un-purchased MH//I remaining after this period will not be inscribed, reducing the total collection size.


Due to the unique mechanics of the MH//I collection, the inscription must occur after the Hounds Tier concludes. As such, there will be a short gap between minting, inscribing, and claiming your Ordinal(s) to complete the process. 

For those purchasing Twins, your MH//I will be sent directly to your Ordinal address.

For everyone else minting a new random MH//I, you will claim your Ordinals through Magic Eden. Magic Eden is an industry leader within the Ordinal space and we are excited to be working with them to ensure a random distribution and smooth claim process. This claim will remain open until all MH//I are claimed.

This is anticipated to occur within a few days of the Mint completion.                                       



For more information on Ordinals read our explainer article


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