Acting as your initiation into the Cartel family and doubling as an all-access lifetime passport.

Learn about the origin of the Genesis Oath and why they were upgraded to the Mutant Cartel Oath. For further FAQs visit here.

In The Beginning…

Genesis Oaths existed as the inaugural NFT membership for the Mutant Cartel. They were minted in the Spring of 2022 and offered two tiers of rarity: 

With a 1 in 7 chance of acquiring a rarer VIP, the final numbers broke down to 1,838 Pledge Oaths and 328 VIP Oaths. The final resting number for total Genesis Oaths was established at 2,166.

Access Granted

Members were assigned a token-gated “Made Mutant” or “VIP” Discord role in the community. 

Two additional roles were introduced to identify high-conviction holders. Those with six oaths were considered “Stacked” and those with 12 or more oaths were considered “Loaded”. 

Oath holders were also airdropped a free Merch Pass that allowed them to claim premium Mutant Cartel merchandise. 

These items can still be bought through our Fence.

Made Mutants receive ongoing perks that have included: 

Mutant Hound Collars mint

In December 2022, Genesis Oath holders were given the first crack at meeting Caleb Lockjaw and minting the prerequisite item for attaining a Mutant Hound - the Mutant Hound Collar.

The Mutant Hound Collars collection minted out all 10,000 character based NFTs before reaching a public phase. 

Upgrade To Mutant Cartel Oath

To unlock the full potential of this collection, Oaths underwent an upgrade from an ERC-1155 token to an enhanced ERC-721 token. 

By making this change, Made Mutants are able to continue following the Mutant Cartel into the next chapter of our journey. Improvements include updated art, unique token numbers, individual secondary market listings, and better compatibility with future projects in the Mutant Cartel Universe. 

The upgrade commenced by way of an allowlist. At 12:00 Eastern on June 28, 2023, a snapshot of holders determined those eligible for the mint. 

On June 29, 2023, all eligible wallets could visit to mint their new Mutant Cartel Oaths at a 1:1 ratio based on their Genesis Oath holdings recorded during the snapshot. 

The window to claim for eligible holders of Genesis Oath during the snapshot will remain open indefinitely until all Mutant Cartel Oaths have been minted.

Access and utility granted from holding a Genesis Oath was sunset as of June 27, 2023, and is activated for all new Mutant Cartel Oath holders from the moment they are minted. 

The total possible count of Mutant Cartel Oaths will remain 2,166.

The Road Ahead

The Mutant Cartel Oath will continue to grant lifetime access and benefits within the Mutant Cartel universe. Exclusive  perks include:

Being a Made Mutant is where it’s at.