I’ve returned to this a few times and decided this is probably better described as an anti-roadmap. In its place, is a commitment of intent. 

Something for holders and prospective buyers to align value to and a way for us to better communicate our vision and mid-term steps towards that. 

There’s a lot of safety in black-boxing your roadmap in this space, but we’re confident in meeting the calls for transparency and ready to start shouting about all that we’re doing.

We’ve seen a few seasons since 2021 and we’re a little more weather worn and pragmatic for it. 

Markets in their infancy are always going to feel the swings of macroenvironments more acutely. The meteoric rises and rapid retreats. 

We’ve been here for both, and we’re far more resistant for it. We know how to batten down and build for what’s coming.

It’s been a tough climate for both builders and collectors and whilst we can’t control the weather, we can decide what we wear. Last year we built, this year we intend to deliver.

We’ll be transparent with our intentions, but candid that they are susceptible to change as opportunities and events unfold…

Don’t care about the philosophy, take me to the projects:

Serum DAO: We have to legally keep the details top level…

We’re arriving at a destination that we set out for three years ago. A lot of detailed architecture and legwork is going into the grand design. 

This should not be considered a mission statement, but we believe in reimagining and remedying governance, rewarding builders, encouraging building, and creating immediate utility for our ecosystem and attractive reasons for those beyond.

Holders are stakeholders and reputation matters.

Serum Hideout: 

A Homebase With Services.  

Serum City: 

There will be a brief intermission of six weeks or so. Season Two is a seismic jump forward and prepares us for our mass market vision.

There are new core mechanics like the first introduction of PvP, which we’ll rapidly evolve along with incoming collections, characters, and buildings. 

$100k in prizes, a unique Fused Hound, and multiple activations are just some of the treats in store. We fight for territory and allegiance. 


We see sats as a technical medium for storytelling that we house in on-chain galleries. IP lives directly on Blockchain.

We’ll be creating recursive evolutions as a service before we look to build cross-chain pathways for IP.


Five collections in one, with over five hundred traits, and unique deployable utility. Good things come to those that wait, even greater things to those that have waited longer.

Collection Individualism: 

Micro-maps to follow each collection that include 3D models, Faction development, merch, events, story developments, and activations.

Beyond Our Borders 

Our intentions are to raise the experience for holders, double-down on decentralised community governance and reach new and engaged buyers. 

This means broadening the commercial lens with our IP. Taking our world, our stories and your characters, and deploying them into new spaces. 

We’re here for the collector, but we also need to go beyond gated access, beyond the native hands of web3, and into the monetised circles of mass-participation.

Serum City is the first step forward to how we can diversify revenue and productise the Mutant Cartel World. It’s also the first step in how we involve and benefit the holders by creating a mass-market following.

A rising tide lifts all ships and by creating fans and wider-participation of the MCW outside of holders, we elevate the exposure and value of ecosystem interest.

Demand Cycle = Finite Holdership > Playable IP > Mass Market Fans > NL Asset Demand 

The Golden Thread

The Mutant Cartel World was designed as the storytelling community layer to the MAYC. 

Good stories elevate and unlock. They transcend, connect emotionally, and are enormously effective in glueing a community and commercials together. If stories don’t grab you, the revenue potential of shipping them into transmedia platforms and utilities should.

We want to think bigger, bolder and much further ahead than speculative swings, allowlists, hype and whale farming. This has never been a sprint to meme coin riches for us, but a protracted view of how we seed in the next five years and further.

A lot of NFT projects are encountering growth pains as they move into adolescence, and we’re witnessing the chaff being separated as projects mature and recognise their course:

It comes down to aligning incentives with holders, and our intention is to be unequivocally clear moving forward with what we are, for who, and where we’re going.

We are a story-driven production company and over the next six months we intend to recognise that publicly with our efforts.

Fixing Comms & Coverage

What we pulled off with MH//I was pioneering, extremely technical, premium and ages well as discovery of the space grows.

Alongside Faraway, we’ve been throwing serious technical weight into Serum City, with payment abstraction, activations, and cross-platform corridors. The success signals are incredibly promising for the stage of maturity the game is at and Season Two has really compounded that acceleration.

In the Ethereum Hounds collection, we have four generations of burning mechanics that we intend to create a deflationary and immersive waterfall with the arrival of Fusion. 

The list continues and these are not small feats, but they often go overlooked because we need to improve how the details are excavated, packaged and shipped for awareness. 

A series of deep dives and press positions will be rolling out across the Summer to champion the significance of what we’ve built, what we’re building and why it matters. 

We’re creating a permanent and well signposted residency for everything we do on the site. The biggest vehicle is the community and by installing an armoury of information we provide the means to arm them in outreach.


We’ll continue to roll out the product and collection-specific decks as a recap and mini-roadmap on the site, and will house a more visual roadmap on the site in the coming weeks.

Myself, Lior, and the team will unpack some of the above in an open town hall. Date TBC.