Fusion is upon us. The two leaders have started on their respective paths to fuse Mutant Hound and Mutant. For more information visit out FAQs.

Phase One

Holders of Mutant Hounds can now begin the process of Fusing. 

The first step is a burn. Owners of Mutant Hounds are able to harvest a single Fusing Material from each Hound they burn.

This process is IRREVERSIBLE and will remain open until the maximum 5,000 Hounds are burnt, so be sure to think hard about which Hounds you burn. 

Four base materials are available:

The Materials created will be in sequential order: 

In addition, a rare fifth Material will be freely available to VIP Oath holders. This will occur independently from the burn process.

Access to Phase One will be provided in three gates:

  1. VIP Oaths: Advance access for 24 hours from August 23rd at 12:00 EST
  2. Pledge Oaths: Opens August 24th at 12:00 EST
  3. Hound Owners: Opens August 25th at 12:00 EST

The gates are cumulative and will remain open until all 5000 Hounds are burnt.

Phase Two

While the process hasn’t been perfected by the Cartel’s scientists or Darkfang’s Fallen just yet, we do know that the next step will involve a number of different Fusions reflective of the Materials you hold.

Specific pairs of Materials combined with an Oath, Mutant, or Ape are required for each of the different Fusion types. These events will result in different forms of Fused Hounds:

Phase Three

The final visual reveal of your Fused Hound will be unveiled shortly after Phase Two is underway. 

The Future

Let’s just say Phase Three isn’t the end for Fused Hounds. It really is only the beginning…