Season 1 is here!

Learn the ropes, build your section of the city, and climb the Mutant Cartel ranks until you’re given access to the mysterious Capsule of Kaos. Here, powerful Gear can be crafted for those clever enough to figure out the recipes. This gear is key to claiming your place on the leaderboard so think carefully before revealing these illusive formulas to anyone else. This is the Mutant Cartel and knowledge is power after all… 

Early Access

Consider Season 1 an Early Access release exclusive to the Cartel and Ape community. Core gameplay loops and a plethora of new mechanics are yet to be introduced. Throughout this season we’ll be listening to your feedback and incorporating it into Season 2 and beyond. Join us and help build the future of Web3 gaming.

Future seasons will bring new collections, core gameplay loops, mechanics, and of course new prizes. 

Season Rewards

In Season 1, the first people to complete specific in-game achievements will be rewarded with rare HQ Blessings, and your position on the season leaderboard will reward Vehicle Parts - The better you do, the better your chances at rare parts. 

These Season 1 HQ Blessing traits as well as your relevant collection holdings will impact your rewards in Season 2. The primary of which is an Apecoin prize pool starting at a $100,000 minimum. Other yet-to-be-announced prizes are also on the line. Stay tuned for more information leading into Season 2.

Claim Your Pass

Owners of Mutant Cartel Oaths, Mutant Hounds, and MAYC/BAYC can claim their pass by heading over to the pass claim site. There is no time limit to claim your pass.

These streets are tough so we encourage security best practices - make sure your delegation is set up to mint, and play, from your hot wallet. Check out this how-to guide or head over to the FAQ to learn more.

Dynamic NFTs

Your pass is not only your key to Serum City but also contains a wide range of dynamic information. At launch, all passes will have the following metadata:

Over the course of the season, this metadata will grow to include:

Faraway Shop

Due to the complexity of these passes, the only marketplace they are available to trade on is the new Faraway Shop. This next-gen Web3 gaming-focused marketplace enables fast caching, enriched data (including in-game stats), and guaranteed royalty enforcement.

While Passes can be listed on other marketplaces, they cannot be purchased on those marketplaces due to restrictions implemented on the tokens.

Updates to the Faraway Shop will arrive throughout Season 1 and beyond to enable additional functionality.

See you in the City!

Learn more about the many mechanics of Serum City in the FAQs or jump right in and play at

‍We look forward to seeing you all in the streets of Serum City and can’t wait to hear what you think. 

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