Mutants have to be tough to survive in Serum City.

Born from a network of underground smuggling routes, this subterranean metropolis is now an engine of industry and trade.

There are plenty of movers and shakers under its roof, but the Mutant Cartel are the guys that run things down here. Their enigmatic leader, Blaksoot, has rallied Mutants to this cradle to build a home for the Mutant Nation. 

This is where you come in…

As a recent blow-in to its streets, you’ll find the undercity and its occupants reward those that build and graft. Cut your teeth bartering, hustling and trying to rub some coins together. Very soon, you’ll catch the eye of the Cartel. 

Rise in infamy and influence as you create an empire and climb the ranks. Hell, you may even find yourself sitting at the Bosses Table one day! 

A Satellite Overview 

Serum City is a new breed of game built by some very ambitious partners at the furthest frontier of web3.

A base builder set in the Mutant Cartel World that encourages social trading economies between players to progress. It’s the first game outside of Yuga Labs to be powered by Ape Coin, and is built on one of the most pioneering and recognised NFT gaming platforms in the world

Serum City runs in successive seasons, involves community owned characters, enormously detailed crafting loops and opens corridors to other web3 games with interoperability a key USP. 

In true decentralised ethos, we’ll open the game to our token gated community and invite them into the house as we continue to build and refine the experience for mass-market launch in a later season.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be deep diving into each of the unique mechanics of this game that make it unlike anything that’s come before, but here are a few bites to whet your appetite…

Build Your Way Up

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. You’ll begin with limited access to the facilities of Serum City, but with a little coin and a lot of elbow grease you’ll have a bustling hub in no time. 

Establish an HQ and start developing housing, community structures, factories, tradable goods and hundreds of buildings and items. Gradually, your very own Serum City will emerge within the sprawling metropolis.

Be The First

Higher-tier buildings will unlock special mechanics like the Capsule of Kaos - more on that later. Let’s just say it’s a mysterious artefact capable of converting base materials into something far more valuable. 

Buildings have different functions, and there are numerous crafting loops and item combinations that create powerful jewellery, weapons and armour specific to the HQ you own. This City’s economy is built on trading and hustling, just make sure you’ve got the Ape Coin ready. The first to find successful recipes will have their names memorialised in the City’s Archives.

Win Rewards

Use items to earn points, compete across various leaderboards and climb the ranks. 

Everyone who plays will get a chance at securing rare crates of smuggled parts - while those at the very top - will earn powerful rewards capable of affecting Fused Hounds and perhaps much more. 

Start your Journey

The only way to play is to use a pass. Mutants, Apes, Mutant Hounds, and Mutant Cartel Oath holders are eligible to claim a Season One Serum City pass. 

For further information on launch dates and mechanics, visit our FAQs and keep your ear out for the train arriving at Serum City. 

Ownership In The Space

Gaming platforms utilise NFTs to secure ownership, deepen ties, and open a limitless amount of corridors to other games, worlds and communities. Tomorrow’s builders will cater to the assets you own, not the games you play. The train will soon be arriving at Serum City...