To Mutant Hounds & Mutantkind,

It’s amazing how time flies, how things progress, and that it was only twelve months ago that we launched the Mutant Hounds. 

Fast-forward to today and the nuclear winter is thawing, confidence returning, and we’re looking at the next major instalment of the saga - The Fusing.

Bears are for building, and bulls are for delivering. In 2023 we calibrated and repositioned as new opportunities presented themselves and hostile climates settled. Balancing market opportunity, comms, and community confidence is something we’re constantly refining and will be a focus in the new year. 

We took the time and care to build and bed in our launchpad for 2024 with confidence. In gaming, with ecosystem partners, for the wider market, and with new collections.

For those of you who turned up in the trenches of the Discord, sported the colours, and banged the drum for the Mutant Cartel on spaces, events, and even in Times Square - we recognise and salute you. 

To the Factions that grew, the ranked members that formed a committee, the Emissary unionising interest in APE, and the next layer of builders expanding our lore and adding value to the community - we wish to empower you in developing our collective vision.

The team has not stopped - over 40 Instalments in deepening the story, 50 consecutive weekly spaces, 12 Mega reveals, a Cartel Records Album, IRL gatherings around the world, and the launch of our seasonal Embassy in Ibiza…

There's also the small mention of our hotly anticipated game in partnership with Faraway - Serum City!

Internally we grew, overhauled the Mutant Cartel brand under the wider umbrella of Novel Labs, and launched our new site. These are just the things we’re not doing in stealth!

We’ve been busy, but to paraphrase Ferris, if you don’t stop to look around once in a while you might just miss it happening…

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February 2023

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December 2023

Looking ahead, the future looks bright... 

Otherside-ready 3D Mutant Hounds will be clawing at your door and they look amazing. Ordinals, The Fusion, Serum City, LOTM, along with deeper ties with the ecosystem, community, traditional markets, and the next layer of builders. 

Our commitment to lore-building, storytelling, and character-driven collections is done with the long-term purpose of deploying them into games, partnerships, and transmedia productions. The Mutant Cartel World was started with this in mind and has never faltered in its course to create immersive and participatory worlds. 

Stories build stronger emotional connections with assets and Serum City is an example of how that relationship can be commercialised. In 2024, we’ll be publishing our lore assembly pack for our community, partners, and the next level of builders to work with.

As we step into this future together, let's embrace the excitement, the storms, and the boundless potential of a new frontier. Thank you for being the driving force behind the Mutant Cartel World’s extraordinary evolution. Here's to a thrilling new year filled with innovation, community spirit, and endless adventures!

A wise man once said “We have the best art, storytelling, merch, music, game, and community in the game.  Don’t @ me or my squad.”

Happy New Year from everyone at Novel Labs!